Date of Publication
                                             EACO WORKING GROUP2 REPORTs
WG2 8th Meeting Report 2017 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 8th EACO WG2 Meeting at TCRA, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania from 20-22 March 2017 March, 2017
WG2 7th Meeting Report 2016 Kampala, Uganda 7th EACO WG2 Meeting at UCC, Kampala - Uganda 14 - 16 Nov 2016 Nov, 2016
WG2 6th Meeting Report 2016 Zanzibar, Tanzania 6th EACO WG2 Meeting in Zanzibar, Tanzania 03 03 2016 March, 2016
WG2 5th Meeting Report 2015 Kigali, Rwanda Final Report of the 5th Meeting of WG02 21-23 September 2015 Kigali September, 2015
WG2 4th Meeting Report 2015 Record for the 4th WG02 Meeting March 2015 Kigali Final March, 2015
WG2 3rd Meeting Report 2014 EACO WG2 Record of the 3rd Meeting October 2014 October, 2014
WG2 2nd Meeting Report 2014 EACO Draft Status on Infrastructure Connectivity Matrix WG2 2nd Meeting April 2014 April, 2014
WG2 Report of 1st Meeting Held in Kigali, Rwanda Record of the 1st Meeting of Working Group 2 of 23rd October 2013 October, 2013
Infrastructure Sharing working group Report 2012/13 Infrastructure Sharing working group Report 2012/13 June, 2013
Infrastructure working group Report Infrastructure Sharing working group June, 2012