Work Groups and Committees

Congress constituted 2 Standing Committees and 11 Working Groups with specific TORs to facilitate implementation of its programmes and projects.


  1. Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee.
  2. Human Resource Development Committee


  1. Working Group 1: Policy and Regulatory Harmonization.
  2. Working Group 2: Infrastructure Development, Connectivity and Digital Inclusion.
  3. Working Group 3: ICT Services and Applications.
  4. Working Group 4: Postal Services Development.
  5. Working Group 5: IP Networks, Standards and Cyber Security.
  6. Working Group 6: Broadcasting Services Development.
  7. Working Group 7: Telecom Numbering and Internet Resources Planning, Allocations and Governance.
  8. Working Group 8: Communications Service Pricing and Industry   Analysis.
  9. Working Group 9: Quality of Service and Consumer Affairs.
  10. Working Group 10: Environment and e-Waste Management.
  11. Working Group 11: Spectrum Management.