Terms of References 

. To identify the basic consumer rights and obligations in the communication sector.  

. To identify parameters for Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Efficience (QoE) as per ITU/International standards.

. To  harmonize  QoS  and  QoE  parameters  of  various  networks (including  mobile  networks,  legacy  PSTN  networks,  IP networks) within the EAC region. 

.  To identify and develop parameters for measurement of network performance and monitoring for quality of service purposes within EAC region. 

. To coordinate participation, follow up and implementation of ITU-T Recommendations and guidelines relating to quality of service.

. To develop Guidelines for both Consumer Education as well as Consumer Complaints handling procedures in the region. 

. To develop and recommend a framework for combating the importation, supply and use of counterfeit terminals within the region.

. To develop strategies for consumers’ empowerment and enhanced involvement of Consumer Associations in the regulation of the communication sector in the region.

. To coordinate and follow up the work of the relevant ITU Study Group(s) and facilitate the development of regional recommendations or contributions relating to the work of this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.