Terms of References 

 . To analyse the level of e-waste in the region and its impact on humans and the environment.

. To harmonize policies, strategies and regulations on e-waste management in the region. 

. To recommend adoption of green ICT best practices by stakeholders in the communications sector.

. To recommend national and regional environmentally sound e-waste management systems for the EAC region.

. To develop strategies for public awareness on issues relating to e-waste.

. To recommend strategies for collaboration/cooperation between National ICT Regulators, National Environmental Management Authorities and other environmental management Agencies with a view  to  establishing  and  strengthening  the  e-waste management systems within the region.

. To coordinate and follow up the work of the relevant ITU Study Group(s) and facilitate the development of regional recommendations or contributions relating to the work of this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.