Terms of Reference for the Committee:

The key activities and deliverables of the committee will include but not limited to following:


(i)                Regional Strategic Plan for  E-Waste Management

(ii)              E-Waste Management Action Plan

(iii)            Communication and Advocacy framework/plan for e-waste management

(iv)             Resource mobilization strategy for e-waste management

(v)               A framework for reporting progress of national e-waste management initiatives - including a compendium of e-waste management best practices

(vi)    Monitoring and Evaluation framework for the Regional e-waste management plans – including status reports on e-waste management


The scope of work for the committee will comprise the following activities and tasks include:

(i)                   To provide guidance to National Steering Committees in development of  their national e-waste management strategic and action plans

(ii)                 To liaise with all stakeholders and partners to ensure a concerted effort towards e-waste management in the region

(iii)                To update EACO on the status and progress of implementation of e-waste management in EAC region

(iv)                To put in place mechanism for reporting and accountability by the national Steering Committees

(v)                  In collaboration with Working Group 10, coordinate meetings and other operations of the committee including production of Work plans and    Budgets as well as logistical support for meetings

(vi)                To maintain records of the deliberations and activities of the   Committee and ensure that minutes are dully signed.

Resourcing the committees:

      The Committee in collaboration with EACO Secretariat will source for funding for its activities.