Terms of References

. To  review  the  existing  EAC  Member  States  ICT  policy  and regulatory  frameworks  and  develop  a  regional  model  ICT regulatory framework.

. To develop a framework for adoption of the model regulatory framework.

. To develop a regional policy implementation and monitoring framework.

. To  review  the  existing  licensing  frameworks  of  EAC  member States  and  recommend  best  practice  for a harmonized  and converged licensing framework.

. To develop and recommend policy and regulatory frameworks on any issues as shall be requested by Congress.

. To facilitate multistakeholder consultation and dialogue on communication sector policy and regulatory issues.

. To develop and recommend a policy and regulatory framework for digital broadcasting.

. To develop a model postal regulatory framework for the EAC Members States.

. To develop a regulatory framework for implementing SIM card registration within EAC Member States. 

. To carry out a study and analyze policy, regulatory and commercial issues relating to implementation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in the EAC region.

. To coordinate and  follow up  the work of  the  relevant  ITU Study Group(s)  and  facilitate  the  development  of regional recommendations  or  contributions  relating  to  the  work  of  this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.