Terms of References

. To develop a regional legal and regulatory framework for e-transactions.

. To develop an integrated regulatory framework for facilitating e-banking services within the region.

. To recommend  strategies  for  development  and provision  of  e-government,  e-learning,  e-commerce,  e agriculture,  e-health and other ICT enabled services.

. To  recommend  strategies  for  promoting  Research  and Development  and  provision  of  innovative  ICT  services  and applications.

. To recommend strategies for stimulation of demand and uptake of ICT enabled services and applications.

. To coordinate and  follow up  the work of  the  relevant  ITU Study Group(s)  and  facilitate  the  development  of  regional recommendations  or  contributions  relating  to  the  work  of  this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.