Terms of References 

. To analyse the allocation, usage and management of resources in the region and recommend strategies for optimal usage of the scarce resources necessary for the provision of communications services.

. To develop harmonized Guidelines for the management and allocation of spectrum, numbers, CCtlD and other resources. 

. To coordinate implementation of harmonised short codes within the EAC region.

. To coordinate adoption and utilisation of rescue operations short code 110 for Maritime Communication for Safety on Lake Victoria (MCSLV).

. To establish mechanism for the mobile operators’ sharing of data on blacklisted handsets within the region.

. To make recommendations on the assignment of colour codes to mobile cellular operators at the EAC Members States border points.  

. To develop harmonized Regulations and Guidelines for the implementation of Mobile Number Portability within the region.

. To follow up and coordinate activities relating to IP Numbers with ICANN and other relevant international and regional bodies.

. To recommend a regional strategy for migration from IPV4 to IPV6.

. To coordinate preparations for WRC within the region and follow up implementation of its Resolutions.

. To coordinate, follow up and disseminate information, recommendations from ITU and other international organizations on the above issues.

. To ensure implementation of ITU recommendations and best practice on resource management and/ allocations.

. To coordinate and follow up the work of the relevant ITU Study Group(s) and facilitate the development of regional recommendations or contributions relating to the work of this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.