Terms of References

. To recommend strategies for implementation of the various UPU Postal Strategies within the EAC region.

. To recommend strategies for modernization and transformation of the postal sector in the region.

. To recommend strategies for development and harmonization of the National Addressing Systems and Postcodes in the region.

. To carry out quality performance tests with designated operators and share results within the EAC Member States.

. To develop a manual  for  joint  inspections of Designated Postal Operators  in  the  regional airports,  offices  of  exchange,  border entries and waterways ports. 

. To make recommendations on how to maintain an efficient Mail Transportation Network across the region.

. To make recommendations on how EACO Member States can acquire and maintain automated quality of service monitoring equipment and the necessary skills to improve quality of service in the postal sector.

. To  coordinate  and  follow  up  the  work  of  the  relevant  UPU Committee(s) or Council(s) and facilitate the development of regional  recommendations or contributions  relating  to  the work of this Committee(s) or Council(s) or other  relevant international and regional organization.