Terms of References 

. Lead Working Group on all Cybersecurity related matters

. To review and develop requirements/guidelines and standards for IP Networks and CyberSecurity.

. To identify and recommend solutions to operational issues (commercial, quality of service/ Service Level Agreement, peering arrangements) relating to IP Networks, Standards and Cyber Security.

. To recommend strategies for implementation of cyber security national frameworks, including establishment and operationalization of National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTs)/Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT)/Computer Security Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) in each EACO Member countries.

. To develop, implement and recommend an EA regional strategy for collaboration of the National CERTs/CIRTs/CSIRTs in order to facilitate timely response to cyber security incidents within the EA region and at international level

. To conduct studies and research on IP Networks, Standards and Cyber security aimed at improving the security and operations of existing systems and critical infrastructure within the region.

. Develop and recommend mechanism for providing annual regional Cyber Security reports to EACO Congress.

. Develop strategies towards keeping regional Internet traffic local within East Africa

. To coordinate and follow up the work of the relevant ITU Study Group(s) and facilitate the development of regional recommendations or contributions relating to the work of these ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.