Terms of References

The East Africa Peering and Interconnection Steering Committee (EAPIC) is a Committee of Working Group 5 (WG5) on IP Networks, Standards and Cybersecurity of the East African Communications Organization (EACO).  The Committee will consist of members drawn from the East Africa region Peering and Interconnection stakeholders.  The stakeholders include but not limited to Carriers, Content Delivery Networks, ISPs, IXPs, Data Center Operators, Research and Education Networks.

 The mandate of EAPIC is to continuously review, advise and promote the development of peering and interconnection ecosystem in East Africa

 The TORs for the Steering Committee are as follows:

i)                   To continuously review the data on regional peering and interconnection

ii)                 To develop and implement strategies for the development of the East African Peering and Interconnection

iii)               Develop and continuously review the operations charter for the EAPIC

iv)               To report its findings and recommendations to the EACO Working Group 5