Terms of References 


.To make recommendations on the development of digital broadcasting.

.  To develop guidelines for content sharing.

.  To define local content and develop strategies for local content development within the region.

.  To  recommend  strategies  for  completion  of  the  analogue  to digital  migration  process  in  the  region  in  line  with  the  set international deadline.

.  Establish mechanism for radio frequency coordination within the EACO Member States. 

.  To recommend mechanism for frequency coordination at border areas to eliminate harmful interferences.

.  To develop harmonized quality of service parameters for terrestrial digital broadcasting.

.  To make recommendations on harmonized technical standards for digital broadcasting.

.  To develop regulations relating to local content for the region. 

.  To develop digital rights management and digital content management principles. 

.  To identify emerging multimedia services and analyse their impact on the East African region. 

.  To liaise with Working Group 7 on issues related to the digital dividend in the East African region.

.  To coordinate and  follow up  the work of  the  relevant  ITU Study Group(s)  and  facilitate  the  development  of  regional recommendations or  contributions  relating  to  the  work  of  this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant  international and regional organization.