Terms of References 

. To carry out regular studies and analysis of the communications industry/market in EAC region.

. To develop and recommend a framework for collection, analysis and  reporting/dissemination  of regional Key Performance Indicators and statistics on the  communication  sector  in  East Africa.

. To identify essential services and costing methodologies for communication services.

. To study and recommend a cost-oriented costing model for pricing of telecommunications, postal and broadcasting services.

. To carry out a study and recommend relevant regulatory tools for traffic monitoring/management systems.

. To consider and analyse the impact of the use of such regulatory tools on cost of services, network security, privacy and the level of traffic fraud (grey route) within the entire networks. 

. To recommend solutions to policy, legal, regulatory and technical issues relating to the use of traffic monitoring/management systems. 

. To identify costs, benefits and related challenges in the implementation of the proposed tools by the member states. 

. To review and consider competition issues within the communication sector and make appropriate recommendations to Congress.

. To liaise develop of a framework for determining tariffs for infrastructure sharing/transmission fee in relation to digital broadcasting.

. To coordinate and follow up the work of the relevant ITU Study Group(s) and facilitate the development of regional recommendations or contributions relating to the work of this ITU Study Group(s) or other relevant international and regional organization.